About Norton Company

Norton Company has over 26 years of experience managing projects and representing owners. With $400 million in completed projects, Norton Company’s decision-makers have spent as much time in the field as in the office and truly understand all aspects of project management.

Why Choose Norton Company?

An Independent Owner’s Advocate
At present, it is rare to find a truly independent owner’s representative. Norton Company doesn’t answer to designers, contractors, architects, or engineers. We answer to you, and act as a communication hub for all project participants.

Reduce Costs by Minimizing Waste
Unlike larger firms who tend to oversell the client, we will not charge for unnecessary and costly “experts” to perform tasks that are already expected of the project team.

An Efficient Approach Gets Results
One of the primary tasks of a project manager is to ensure that the project team is doing its job. Norton Company’s lean team with multidisciplinary expertise ensures responsible oversight and clear communication.

A Focus on Quality and Project Completion
Too often, a large firm will take on more projects than it can handle, causing expensive details to slip through the cracks and adding delays and costs. We keep a managed workload and focus on quality control rather than new business.

Dedicated Personal Service
Norton Company’s size ensures the direct involvement of principals and decision-makers. President Bill Norton is active in every project and available to all parties involved.

Expert Interpretion of Your Needs
Norton Company understands the importance of listening and the nuances of all project-related issues. We know which information is productive and which is not and can translate needs across the spectrum of a project.

Service Areas

As an independent owner’s advocate, Norton Company brings an authority to the project that helps minimize mistakes and keep the project on track.

Let Norton Company Be Your Voice.

Contact us before you start your next project.